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xKore - Interstate (FULL) xKore - Interstate (FULL)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Its a story teller.

This song for me is like seeing an amazing story unfold ae, to me the music is descriptive and full. the beat carries alot in that sense and the song has a range of modes which you have mixed splendidly.

the melody that exists in the background is interesting as it has a very unique quality to it, its almost like a voice that has form. The way you bring this melody in and out of the song is mean as well, the guitar is a nice touch as it adds a little variety to the piece, the saw bass thats evident is a good addition and it isnt overpowering. The sliced voiced you added is also very interesting; it adds a personal feel to the song that just isnt there in other DnB/Tech songs. Although to me this is only achieved because of the guitar.

The 'organ' also adds another dimension to the piece as it gives that melody combined with the guitar a bit of a minor feel that gives the song added depth, this also changes the effect the sliced vox has on me as a listener and on the theme of the song in certain parts. the synths are varied and keep the landscape of the song changing in conjuction with the bass.

This is truly a beautiful composition, something that I think belongs to a motion picture or the like.

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Clear Skies {durn} Clear Skies {durn}

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A song for Summer.

This song is actually pretty durn awesome (lol forgive me). First things first I like the intro because its really open, there are many ways it can go it makes me want to hear the rest of the song. the beat's cool too; its just right. by that I mean its not overpowering, you can hear it if you want to and your not forced to later in the song. the Fx are petty cool as well, theyre really out there and they suit the rest of the song. the vocals are really intersting. Youve crossed the line between auto tune and went full machine, which for me is a little better. the little bits you throw in after the main segment are a nice touch as well because the mix well with the saw bass.

the main melody you have blends really well with the other Fx throughout the song and its mixed very well to boot, it comes and goes once it has been introduced. I also like the way you slowly bring it up as well. the saw bass is fits really well with the over all theme of the song, the Fx in the intro are actually quite intersting because they have this spark like effect which is interesting.

As for the name I gave the review the song really reminds me of the summer the beach specifically. what does this are the pads you have coming in and out of ear shot

All In All Fantastic Work.

durn responds:

You're durn well forgiven. ;) Thanks for taking the time to write such a thorough review, ZixaxiZ. I was playing around with a few new sample and rhythm packs when working on this tune, they definitely helped broaden the sonic spectrum. And aye, it's definitely a summer-suited song, I can't help but long for the warm summer months! Freakin' cold here right now! BRRRR!

You've Got the Wrong Guy You've Got the Wrong Guy

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It wasnt me I swear!

Dude, Nice. One of my favourite parts is where the bass starts, I can cleary see a daft punk esque video playing. the background rise is cool to it gives the song some form, I like the way you keep it in the song as well, the guitars fit really well with this piece, they really seem to say "police chase" in fact the whole says that. the guitars are like tailor made for this piece ae. that percussive is bit interesting as well, it adds another element to the song that i really enjoy.
the progression is really smooth as well, and thats it from me.

the interesting thing about your music is that they always seem to have a storyline of their own, and thats one of my favourite thing about your comps.
and thanks for letting me listen

[SpXer] Quick! (x5) [SpXer] Quick! (x5)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Ae Aeyyy

Indeed this is quite a quick piece, the intro and some other parts reminds me of an old arcade shooter promo vid for some reason, the piece is interesting, the backrgound arpeggio is a nice touch, and gives it that "running" feel. one of the good points is that very little over powers anything else here, if you want to focus on a particular part you can, which is a bit rare. and as said by Gamekrazzy the choice of instruments isnt bad either. the breaks around the end are interesting, theyre off beat and kind of funk-like. and the snare really brings home the shooter feel.

the chords are a bit clashy though and some of the song gets lost around there as well. (0:35). but in overall this is not too bad ae, there are some of this i would put to use else where you know? But a major part of me likes it and the other is like "the coins still in the air". So, yea.
-Thanks for letting me review btw

spartacusxerox responds:

Thanks ZixaxiZ glad you enjoyed this. It does have a very arcade shooter-ey thing about it, doesn't it?

I just love the way you review as well. So clear and concise. Thanks for the review too! Have a great day


Color (Orchestral Song) Color (Orchestral Song)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Colour storm

I like the start, its got the whole spectrum feel to it. its as though the instruments you use embody different types of colour, as the song progresses one really can imagine this, however the other orchestral instruments become a little overpowering around the halfway point. but when you bring the cello in it mellows out, unfortunatly the pad in the background is somewhat strong, however after that it kind of mellows out, but there are still some volume issues.
overall this is a fitting composition for the title. the piece has this way of cycling through the entire spectrum, but it also has this stormy feel to it. the instruments you chose really make it seem this way.
Anyway, well done.

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A New Adventure REVAMP A New Adventure REVAMP

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


This is a interesting song, with the way it starts off I was not expecting the direction it suddenly turned to. Mark of a well written composition. the keys could stand to have longer notes, to say they should linger. the organ was a welcomed addition to the piece, the way it backs up the keys and in a way ushers in the next portion of the song is cool. the same could be said for the drums and the guitars slow rise. the synth is not bad either, the break is cool too, and when you give some instruments solo's is a nice touch.
the strings were a good way to end off the song too, they really capture the whole avdventure theme as well.
So all in all, a pretty cool piece.

shadowClint responds:

Thank you for your review! To be completely honest, this is really incredible to have this kind of reception.

Traverse piece Traverse piece

Rated 3 / 5 stars


the beginning sets up a dark scenario, that even though the violins come in it remains quite dark. But the vocals are cool, and the cello plucks go well with them, near the end the rest of the strings kind of bring the whole piece up, as if to say
"Light at the end of the Chasm we're stuck in"
it does need some work but hardly any really, its mixed well and the change in theme is smooth which makes the whole piece really effective.

BrodWizard responds:


The darkness is sort of a given, I find it extremely hard to write up-beat; but it's good to see that element carries over well.
Nice analogy too, thanks for the review.

[SpXer] The Grease Project [SpXer] The Grease Project

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Its always so short

this is a cool little ditty, and I say ditty because its too short, when its about to get interesting it loops back. But I like it, its good and cheerful, and it jus pulled me out of a gray patch so thanks for that.
Um the bass is nice, it seems like its carrying the melody and everything is just accompanyment, but thats a good thing because its quick and funkae. I like the drums too their present but not too in the way, the organ is a nice chord patch which fills up the tune. the guitar is cool but would some longer notes with this instrument would be appreciated, but in some way it works.
the end is cool, it kind of sets up another section. But this work as a BGM loop too
Once again, nicely done spartacusxerox

spartacusxerox responds:

Thanks I worked a lot on this ZixaxiZ and glad you appreciated it. Thanks for reviewing, buddy.

Glad you found it cool... and I agree it loops just as it gets interesting. It would be good to continue on from there I think. I think that you were also right with the fact that the guitar strums should be longer, and the whole song too in fact. Thanks for your feedback.

Bless ya boi,


Teknah Teknah

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


As mentioned by FKProductions, higher quality instruments would be appreciated, the bass and kick are a little harsh, and that (pluck?) is too sharp initially but is fine when mixed with everything else, the crash that you have lengthed is well, i used FL8 and it can be tricky. that gritty bass could be toned down a notch because initially it covers the synth you add later.
However, this is a good composition you have here

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Fingerprints of the Gods{durn} Fingerprints of the Gods{durn}

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Its another world aaaaltogether (BIG review lol)

Ohh man, this. is. Impressive man well done, and sorry for getting back to you a bit late. I like the opening synth, and how you carry that through the whole piece and the way you bring it up and take it down subtly, that is a nice touch. In addition how you use different synths to that same effect. Adding to that they way you use one of the synths to usher in the change is great, subtly done. Also the background sfx are really cool the way they add to they add to the depth of the piece and give it that third dimension is fantastic. The beat is great too, its simple but highly effective, the combination of percussion and bass is mean. The mood change is great too, you start off with something light and bring in something heavy; I like that. That part alone changes the entire feel of the song initially, and then its slowly mixed out, giving the piece even greater depth both musically and in the sense of story(?). The synths and keys as a whole are great they bring the whole piece together very well. The organ in the background is very smooth and barely noticable at times, as well as the sound effects; well mixed.
Lastly the end is pretty cool, its really simple... but that adds to it. Also they song itself embodies the title very well.
SKILLS, and now for another listen...
Thanks for posting it and letting me listen btw.

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durn responds:

:) Dude, nicest review I've read in a while. :) You really picked up what I was puttin' down with this track here! :D

I was definitely going for a story/journey with this song. Kinda a mix of a space travel and quest for the desert's oasis or something. Heheh, I dunno. Really wanted to take the listener somewhere far out with this one. :)

I decided I'd try carrying the same FX throughout the track, using a simple composition technique alternating between two octaves, it seemed to really float through well, glad to know it helped give life to the track. :)

Keep on listenin' and I'll keep on makin' more! :D Thanks for the review, ZixaxiZ!