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2010-09-13 07:03:12 by ZixaxiZ


Ohh man, another week gone...

2010-08-06 08:07:49 by ZixaxiZ

Ive so busy with assignments and general work barely get time to do anything ae
but must carry on.

Busy, busy, busy... (Yawn)

2010-07-27 07:28:13 by ZixaxiZ

So tired... trying to write a new piece, but im like bogged down, and time seems to escape me.
Well, nothin to it but to do it ae.


2010-07-17 23:23:43 by ZixaxiZ

i seemed to have submitted the same song twice... my bad

First Submission

2010-07-17 23:11:12 by ZixaxiZ

My first submission is here, hope whoever listens likes it


2010-07-10 01:31:09 by ZixaxiZ

this approval thing takes a while
a bot must be busy az

Yup yup

2010-07-08 23:15:14 by ZixaxiZ

this sites pretty cool, looking forward to uploading some stuff